Sheffield & Hallamshire Motor Club - Rainworth Skoda Hallamshire Stages 2012

Final Stage Times in Class Order for Retirements

Car Cls Crew12345678910 Penalty Total Cls
Class 0
670Daniel Taylor/ Daniel Palmer14:3610:1614:1510:1215:16   Retired
650Keith Markham/ Kristopher Pirie13:39         Clipped curb and broke suspension
Class 1
621Geoffrey Orchard/ Ian Griffiths12:599:1212:339:0613:0110:01    Broken Driveshaft
Class 2
482Phillip Burton/ Alex Lee12:228:4612:4512:249:4412:189:3620:3720:293:00Retired
Car 48 Penalty details:- 3:00 for 3:00 early at ATC 6
562Peter Sharples/ James Swallow12:2612:309:3820:2420:24Rear Axle
412Rob Young/ Tom Hutchings12:238:5412:038:3812:339:2012:059:16  Gearbox
472Tom Aleksandrowicz/ Tom Bishop12:399:1112:319:0812:499:5212:34   Cambelt
302Andrew Turner/ Dennis Turner11:488:2311:418:2211:5313:00    Clutch Cable Broken
542Ian Perrott/ Rob Scott12:549:1912:359:0210:44     Gearbox stuck in first
432Peter Messer/ Hannah Messer12:47         Retired
Class 3
403Robert Hughes/ Neil Bye14:459:3912:109:2520:0920:18Retired
463Paul Moran/ Adrian Carnill12:319:0111:439:3820:5420:44Co-Driver Ill
613John Senior/ Ady Barton14:139:4113:119:3013:2310:18    Hit tree
393Stuart Ranby/ Ian Bass11:568:3811:498:3711:509:34    Thrown alternator and oil pump belt
163David Tinn/ Stephen John De Vere11:508:25        Radiator
373Jamie Gratton Smith/ Tom Jordan12:096:54        Transmission
333Keith Dowthwaite/ Tony King11:45         Electrical
283Lee Ashberry/ John Pickavance16:00         Engine Blown
293Baz Jordan/ TBA          Non Starter
Class 4
274Nathan Gunson/ Alex Kirk-Willey12:039:2411:469:1519:4719:48Hit a tree
94Andy Fraser/ Lee Carter11:448:2311:078:0911:358:5911:008:3618:57 Retired
444Andrew Alan Johnson/ Connor Poole13:089:1112:169:0212:329:45    Retired
554Dean Hickling/ Geoff Moss13:359:5213:379:4315:04     Broken Water Pump Pulley
44Mark Jones/ Christopher Brierley          Non Starter
Class 5
365Nigel Killerby/ Colin Watson12:018:3611:458:3016:009:1411:529:1020:25 Manifold
115Mark Ellis / Jacqueline Jones11:168:0811:008:0411:188:5211:328:5519:29 Broke it
145Mark Borthwick/ Phil Boyle11:338:2411:118:1411:328:5711:27   Diff Failure
225David Campling/ James Ducker11:4912:0011:118:2011:3513:00    Centre Diff
85Mike Gilman/ Iain Douglas11:098:0210:537:5711:1210:44    Engine
215Paul Birkin/ Leigh Birkin12:289:0614:33       Crew Ill
185David Robinson/ Jayne Robinson12:228:5012:04       Gearbox
75Howard Chopping/ Chris Sanderson11:268:1611:33       Steering Gone
125Rob Tout/ Jason Sugden11:278:1611:14       Electrical misfire
65Mark Roberts/ Emyr Hall11:46         Tree
195Craig McIntosh/ Paul Vasey          Non Starter
105Nigel Mummery/ Fiona Scarrett          Low Oil Pressure
25James Sparrow / David Everard          Non Starter
175William Fisher/ Ross Green          Non Starter
575David Longfellow/ Daniel Ward          Gearbox

Times shown like this are notional or penalised

These results became Final on Sunday 6th May 2012 at 5:23pm BST