JMC&LCC - Paperclix Jersey Rally 2013

Final Stage Times in Starting Order to SSA 11 - Friday Eve

Car Cls CrewTotal
Friday Day
910 Penalty Total Cls
1CStevie Leonard/ Sion Humphreys21:38.95:02.78:35.935:17.522
2ESimon Chapman/ Michael Calvert21:33.95:24.89:52.636:51.319
3ELee Vivian/ Will Rutherford22:18.35:17.79:20.436:56.4210
4DJeremy Baudains/ James Ollivro21:57.15:25.49:09.536:32.027
5CJames Hansford/ Andrew De La Cour21:45.15:02.88:23.435:11.311
6DAnton Shaw/ Michelle Humphreys22:45.85:51.18:48.037:24.9513
7FWD2Andy Corner/ Ade Camp22:31.45:09.18:23.636:04.124
8DStewart Le Breton/ Justin Bush22:26.85:22.08:21.236:10.015
9FWD2Dan Corner/ Mark Regan22:18.65:14.28:17.135:49.913
10ETyson Flath/ Sue Fossey21:20.24:46.0 Accident
11CDarryl Morris/ Jason Thebault  Retired
12CRichard Fishleigh/ Pete Guymer22:14.55:24.18:13.50:30.036:22.136
Car 12 Penalty details:- 0:30 for 0:30 early at Srv 4 In
13DLyndon Barton/ Simon Hunter22:51.95:17.4 Retired
14DMark Follain/ Jamie Langlois22:52.85:20.28:28.036:41.038
15CRon Allen/ Derek Le Bailly22:55.65:41.68:26.437:03.6411
16EKevin Gell/ Paul Woosnam  Hit Bank
17DRobert De St Paer/ Steve Hobbs23:48.05:39.7 Retired
18FWD2Ian Godney/ Justin Davies22:39.37:50.112:47.8Broken Spotlamp bracket and driver meltdown
19CDale Crowsley/ John Vaudin23:02.2  Electrical
20CRoss Le Noa/ Domonic Volante22:24.86:26.88:34.637:26.2514
21FWD2Chris Torode/ Craig Robert23:16.96:03.08:38.637:58.5317
22BLyn Llewellyn / Sue Allen22:49.96:05.312:27.7Retired
23DMarcus Bisson/ David Petit33:39.25:48.610:20.0Retired
24CJohn Le Noa/ Bruce Robinson22:54.65:35.89:20.837:51.2616
25EColin Edmond/ Paul Brown23:05.65:19.09:00.8Retired
26DDave Oliveira/ Kevin Irving23:10.65:36.58:56.637:43.7615
27DMartin Waters/ Ben Purnell23:11.15:09.78:46.637:07.4412
28CAndy Henry/ Steve Gully6:00.0  Gearbox
29FWD2Russell Hale/ Donald Hale24:24.76:27.410:51.341:43.4733
30EChris Le Chevalier/ Thomas White25:23.85:57.09:29.940:50.7731
31FWD2Karl Robert/ Christian Pommier23:57.85:54.49:11.139:03.3421
32EAndy Faulconbridge/ Steve Elliott23:02.35:47.59:33.638:23.4318
33CSimon Le Noa/ Katie Le Blancq4:08.8  Retired
34ENeil Touzel/ Steve Churchill23:27.06:23.59:50.639:41.1424
35BGavin Hearnden/ Steve Ellis24:02.65:50.69:33.539:26.7222
36BDavid Edmunds/ Dom Jeans24:53.06:31.910:20.041:44.9434
37AStuart Thompson/ Lee Dare23:55.46:10.69:28.539:34.5123
38CAndrew Fleming/ Mike Fleming16:04.8  Retired
39ETim Alderson/ Peter Villars24:26.05:55.79:33.539:55.2525
40DMichael Cotillard/ Barry Le Cheminant2:20.4  Retired
41BJames Patterson/ Calla Tough23:31.75:47.38:51.60:30.038:40.6119
Car 41 Penalty details:- 0:30 for 0:30 early at Srv 4 In
42EKeith Pinel/ Matthew Pinel24:30.47:34.79:45.441:50.5835
43CLiam White / Aimee Pezet23:33.86:07.39:22.239:03.3720
44CJohn Le Brun/ Jason Le Brun24:38.06:13.29:32.840:24.0826
45DRichard Le Marquand/ Trevor Rabet24:36.46:06.2 Retired
46EDave Price/ Neil Osmand24:37.26:10.69:46.140:33.9628
47CAdrian Smekss/ Chris Neale24:26.06:35.210:13.941:15.1932
48CPaul Romeril/ Kevin Romeril25:41.16:26.710:09.54:00.046:17.31045
Car 48 Penalty details:- 4:00 for 4:00 early at Srv 4 Out
49BJohn Eborall/ Peter Jory24:49.16:05.89:44.740:39.6329
50BDaniel Pezet/ Kieran Gregory25:54.56:38.29:53.642:26.3537
51FWD2Daniel Fleming/ Glynn Moignard24:37.96:21.09:41.040:39.9630
52EGrant Collins/ Richard Lightfoot27:51.17:41.711:21.746:54.5946
53FWD2John Torpy/ Brendan Besnard24:32.16:23.59:33.540:29.1527
54FWD2Sam Lamy/ Paulo Martins4:40.6  Cable Snapped
55EFrancis Touzel/ Phil Morin  Non Starter
56CAaron Pinel/ Caroline Palmer26:18.0  Electrical
57FWD2Jean Marc Poisson/ Olivier Lesigne26:25.27:18.611:01.744:45.5942
58DMartin Pallot/ Michael Kean26:15.87:07.310:05.30:30.043:58.4740
Car 58 Penalty details:- 0:30 for 0:30 early at SSA 10
59BDavid Smith/ Simon Bonny28:49.66:47.910:25.946:03.4644
60BDillon Ruellan/ Jack Bailhache28:26.47:22.311:31.647:20.3748
61AKevin Shales/ Steve A'hearne 28:10.88:48.710:53.647:53.1650
62BMartin Young/ Craig Addlesee27:44.88:48.611:47.448:20.8851
63AAyrton Hockaday/ David Hockaday26:33.87:01.310:25.644:00.7441
64AWilliam Winstanley/ Daniel Lagadu25:33.66:43.39:46.442:03.3236
65CJohn Le Cheminant/ Karl Marshall27:19.28:16.411:49.647:25.21149
66AJack Hinton/ Conor Carre25:46.87:14.49:42.942:44.1338
67FWD2Matthew Barette/ Aaron Falle26:30.1  Retired
68FWD2Martine Torode/ Phil Vedier27:30.17:46.111:38.746:54.91047
69AEuan Dangerfield/ Paul Coleshill27:04.47:09.310:40.044:53.7543
70CJohn Robert/ Gary Robert28:21.18:14.212:35.249:10.51252
71FWD2Emma Grant-Pearce/ Caz Evans25:57.67:00.110:26.143:23.8839
72BWayne Le Sauvage/ Mike Timms29:44.98:18.212:01.52:00.052:04.6953
Car 72 Penalty details:- 2:00 for 2:00 early at SSA 10
73FWD2Ross Baudains/ Drew Jones28:00.59:00.0 Retired

Times shown like this are notional or penalised

Stage 9
Grouville 9
3.59 miles
Stage 10
Archirondel 10
5.33 miles

These results became Final on Saturday 12th October 2013 at 5:45pm BST