Stockton & District Motor Club - The Croft Historic 2008

Final Penalties in Class Order to NTC 15 - Time Card 5

Car Cls CrewTotal
Time Card 4
Total Cls
Class H1
12H1Charles Graves/ Ron Palmer20:4820:4815
21H1Maurice Jennings/ Richard Adams24:4224:42211
23H1Jim Hendry/ Graham Couser25:3125:31315
17H1Peter Keen/ Jayne Barbour1:34:161:34:16437
Class H2
39H2Gary Rigg/ Claire Rigg21:2121:2116
6H2Paddy Jones/ Tony Longstaff24:2324:2329
22H2Adrian Stewart/ Tom Hind24:2724:27310
36H2John Bertram/ William Thompson25:5425:54416
37H2Ian Curwen/ Bob Hargreaves26:3126:31518
2H2Joe Norman/ Mike Kirk28:0428:04621
26H2Simon Down/ Jacob Hasselmyr30:1330:13724
30H2John Park/ Roland Bainbridge33:3133:31831
Class H3
5H3Dave Agnew/ Graeme McTavish24:5924:59112
29H3Dave Marsden/ Mike Garstang29:5529:55223
14H3Paul Wignall/ Paul Bosdet30:3630:36325
16H3Aidan Rushby/ Mike Rushby39:0539:05434
Class H4
13H4David Ruddock/ Kevin Carruthers20:3520:3514
34H4Simon Pearson/ Nick Cooper21:4221:4227
18H4Archie Symonds/ Richard Symonds22:4922:4938
35H4Jared Nichol/ Callie Nichol25:1825:18414
38H4John Cockerill/ Ian Jackson27:1627:16520
40H4Kevin Clark/ Tom Leeming1:01:011:01:01636
Class H5
4H5John Ruddock/ John Heppell18:2518:2511
10H5Andy Beaumont/ Ian Gibbins18:2618:2622
15H5Andrew Smith/ Sam Wainwright19:3719:3733
8H5Dave Plews/ Colin Peacock25:1725:17413
7H5Andrew Holmes/ Mike Glew26:3326:33519
25H5Peter Birtles/ Richard Goodacre31:1531:15626
32H5Paul Slingsby/ Michael Fox31:4431:44727
24H5Joseph Hardy/ Doreen Sunter32:2332:23828
3H5Harry Vaines/ David Vaines32:4832:48930
19H5Stuart Hamilton/ Andrew Hamilton34:0134:011032
1H5John Haygarth/ Lynn Haygarth51:4051:401135
Class H6
28H6John Rowell/ Jim Kirwin35:4935:49133
Class H7
31H7Ross Butterworth/ Ali Procter26:2726:27117
27H7Danny Robinson/ Graeme Potter29:1829:18222
11H7Alan Kitson/ John Roberts32:2632:26329

Times shown like this are notional or penalised

These results became Final on Sunday 3rd February 2008 at 5:50pm GMT