Kirkby Lonsdale, Eden Valley & Northallerton - Stobart Rail Pendragon Stages 2010

Final Stage Times in Class Order for Retirements - Second and Third Loops

Car Cls CrewTotal
First Loop
789101112131415161718 Penalty Total Cls
Class 1
621Andrew Irving/ Reg irving36:1511:0210:541:341:31        Retired
721John Hislop/ Peter Leary37:42            Broken Gearbox
681Martin Breen/ Simon Graham35:54            Gearbox
501Rob Meynell/ Tom Spencer            Non Starter
Class 2
412Des Campbell/ James Braithwaite32:389:549:461:281:253:493:5611:3611:25    Gearbox
572Colin Stockil/ Sarah Craven37:1011:4411:141:391:344:284:4013:35     Retired
492Mark Shaw/ Ken Willan34:0810:3710:291:251:233:524:01      Lost a wheel
612Micheal Davidson/ John Coates36:33            Driveshaft
522Ken Jackson/ Tba31:26            Broke Shaft
852Sam Biyner/ Mariusz Kowalski34:30            Retired
252Peter Taylor/ Paul Hughes30:12            Gearbox
562Geoffrey Harkness/ Caroline Lodge30:10            Gearbox
632Howard Edwards/ Dan Madden            Wheel studs broken
692Carin Logan/ Christine Sanderson            Gearbox
Class 3
873Dave Nicholson/ Steve Nicholson35:1410:5310:371:091:277:128:12      Misfire and Diff
663Chris Anderson/ Chris Thirling33:059:589:481:231:213:544:01      Retired
333Chris Taylor/ Andrew Mason33:0911:54           Retired
363Stephen Doherty/ Russell Smith36:25            Retired
293Alistair Hutchinson/ St. John Dykes32:20            Driveshaft
93Marcus Noble/ Helen Hall32:05            Diff
123Tommi Graham/ Mike Bailey27:36            Retired
533Martin Murray/ Peter Weall25:10            Gearbox
343Andrew Bird/ Stuart Egglestone28:53            Retired
833Darren Grimston/ Tba            Non Starter
353Paul Miller/ Katy Mashiter            Retired
583Paul Ballantyne/ Andrew Blackhall            Wheel off
Class 4
184Trevor Smith/ Mal Capstick31:439:389:271:221:203:394:11      Retired
194David Thwaites/ Tony Walker41:5517:15           Driveshaft
484Geoff Wilson/ Sean O'Neill32:42            Engine
64Darren Atkinson/ Phil Sandham            In a ditch
Class 5
105Michael Johns/ Michael Graham31:1510:069:221:221:203:503:4711:0914:06    Retired
165Dom Buckley/ Allan Cathers31:429:279:161:201:163:333:3910:4810:33    Gearbox Oil Pipe Burst
775Michael Robertson/ Ian Shiells36:2311:1011:111:321:304:124:25      Wrong direction on SS8
905Keith Taylor/ Dave Robson31:389:249:211:231:213:343:40      Retired
865Geoff Simpson/ Mick Johnson34:26            Retired
275Nick Stamper/ Heather Stamper34:22            Burst Intercooler Pipe
85Nigel Hobson/ Tim Hobson33:30            Clutch
15Paul Bird/ Kirsty Riddick29:04            Wrong direction on SS1
595Chris Collie/ Michelle Falconer21:25            Retired
925Tim Finch/ Neil Bye            Puncture, Gearbox, Front Diff, Driveshaft, Clutch, Wheel Bearing
735Stan Bradley/ Andrew Bradley            Non Starter

Times shown like this are notional or penalised

Stage 7
Balehill 1
8.62 miles
Stage 8
Balehill 2
8.62 miles
Stage 9
Lowther WP3
1.12 miles
Stage 10
Lowther WP4
1.12 miles
Stage 11
Park House
3.58 miles
Stage 12
Emporers Drive
4.10 miles
Stage 13
Toddygill 1
9.92 miles
Stage 14
Toddygill 2
9.92 miles
Stage 15
Thrimby 1
1.65 miles
Stage 16
Finishedit 1
1.85 miles
Stage 17
Thrimby 2
1.65 miles
Stage 18
Finishedit 2
1.85 miles

These results became Final on Sunday 29th August 2010 at 19:18 BST