Car Cls Crew12345 Penalty Total Cls
Class 1
671Peter Stewart/ Harry Marchbank     Non Starter
Class 10
10210Aileen Forrest/ John Forrest1:041:036:507:2010:4627:0320108
5610Drew gallagher/ David Crosbie0:580:565:566:056:5620:511573
1410Ross Hunter/ Callum Atkinson1:111:095:246:046:5720:451471
3310Kevin Crawford/ Andrew Stevenson0:570:565:346:017:0420:321364
7210Tommy Graham/ Ian Jackson0:590:585:345:426:5420:071152
3410Anthony O Brien/ Shane Buckley0:580:565:305:576:4420:051050
2410Donnie MacDonald/ Jamie Edwards0:550:535:006:106:2619:24631
3210Andy Horne/ Keir Beaton0:560:555:195:486:2419:22529
2610Tim Pearcey/ Allan Macdougall1:010:585:526:29 Cracked Water Pipe
2710Scott Mccombie/ Mark Fisher0:570:555:10  Gearbox
Class 11
2511Hugh Brunton/ Will Atkins0:580:5411:0025:0028:001:05:5220111
2111Barry Groundwater/ Steven Ohanlon0:560:525:015:226:5519:061425
1311John Wink/ Neil Shanks0:540:535:145:326:2318:561222
411Melvyn Evans/ Mark Glennerster0:520:514:385:005:501:0018:111113
Car 4 Penalty details:- 1:00 for Hit chicane SS4
1711Gordon Morrison/ Calum Macpherson 0:520:504:495:156:0017:4678
211Hugh Hunter/ Paul Beaton0:520:504:475:025:5417:2545
1011Garry Pearson/ Jack Morton0:530:51   Component failure
1811John Stone/ Rhys Stoneman 0:520:51   Broken Wheels
511Garry Jennings/ Rory Kennedy     Retired
Class 3
993Joel Simpson/ Shannon Turnbull1:031:025:265:537:0320:27462
Class 4
1104Duncan Munro/ Craig Wallace1:041:026:27  Retired
1044Robert Macdonald / Ross calender     Retired
Class 5
895Linzi Henderson/ Tom Hynd1:101:066:266:418:0323:264100
1085Ernie Lee/ Patricia lee     Blown Engine
Class 6
1016Johnnie Mackay/ Emily Easton-Page1:011:015:245:416:2919:36239
706Josh Evans/ Tony Edwards0:570:575:115:246:2218:51121
1156Kevin Jeffray/ Linda Thomas     Non Starter
Class 7
747Iain Sanderson/ Kyle Dods1:021:006:216:207:5022:331393
1127Oliver Hunter/ Matty Daniels1:031:005:556:047:271:0022:291291
Car 112 Penalty details:- 1:00 for Hit chicane SS4
1117Paul Thompson/ Shaun Layland1:041:015:586:087:1621:271180
1067Steve Magson/ Kevin Bardon1:041:025:466:127:2121:251079
487Graham Willcock/ Donna Harper1:031:005:566:026:5220:53974
527Brian Watson/ Sean Donnelly0:590:575:476:026:5720:42869
977Alister MacArthur/ Chris Robertson0:590:575:285:486:5420:06551
777Steven Wood/ Mary Wood1:010:585:325:416:2919:41342
367Stewart Morrison / Grant MacNiven      Non Starter
937Stephen Sawley / Paul mcguire     Non Starter
Class 8
718Lyndon Barton/ Simon Hunter1:021:006:076:247:2822:011987
308Greg McKnight/ Liam Harkness0:580:565:025:256:1718:38416
1228Martin Toner/ Ben Teggart0:560:555:075:176:0818:23315
78David Bogie/ John Rowan0:540:524:455:045:4917:2414
Class 9
1039Geoff Simpson/ Bruce Lindsay1:091:086:417:099:4225:499106
389Billy McLelland/ Gerry Bryden0:550:555:375:486:4319:58347
1179Stuart Baillie/ Tbc     Retired

Times shown like this are notional or penalised

Stage 1
Dunoon 1
0.71 miles
Stage 2
Dunoon 2
0.71 miles
Stage 3
Glendaruel 1
5.10 miles
Stage 4
Bealach Maim 1
4.93 miles
Stage 5
Loch Fyne 1
6.45 miles

These results became Final on Saturday 26th June 2021 at 19:20 BST and were signed by Chris Woodcock (Clerk of the Course)

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