Award No Crew Car
1st Overall2Mark Kelly / Neil ColmanFord Fiesta R5
2nd Overall6Rob Hughes / Sion CunniffFord Fiesta R5
1st Class A31Christopher Newton / Anthony NewtonVauxhall Nova
2nd Class A74Huw Williams / Martin Pendlebury Ford Escort Mk I
3rd Class A62Rob Jones / Chris CookeFord Fiesta
1st Class B46Ben Wilkinson / David BatleyPEUGEOT 106 MAXI
2nd Class B40Ashleigh Morris / Marc FowlerFord Fiesta R200
3rd Class B42Alex Cannon / Alan CarfraeFord Fiesta R2
1st Class C12Josh Payton / Jamie VaughanFord Escort Mk II
2nd Class C79Matt Pierce / Jez RogersFord Escort Mk 2
3rd Class C34Chris Berry / Daniel PetrieFord Escort Mk II
1st Class D22Dave Willett / John DaviesFord Escort
2nd Class D15Martin Hodgson / Tony Jones Ford Escort Mk ll
3rd Class D21Peter Jackson / Craig SimkissFord Escort Mk II
1st Class E130Adrian Spencer / Mark HewittSubaru Impreza
2nd Class E141Greg Williams / Richard EdwardsSubaru Impreza
3rd Class E144Steven Kenyon / Jonathan L CraggMitsubishi Lancer EVO IV
1st Class E25Joe Cunningham / Josh BeerFord Fiesta
1st Class MX554Paul Gorge / Daniel HurstMazda MX5
1st Class FNo eligible finishers
1st Class RNo eligible finishers
1st Class GT3Chris West / Keith HounslowPorsche 997 GT3
1st Class HNo eligible finishers
1st Non Forced Induction 2WDNo eligible finishers
1st NoviceNo eligible finishers
1st PendleNo eligible finishers
1st Garstang & PrestonNo eligible finishers

These results became Final on Saturday 3rd July 2021 at 17:25 BST and were signed by Chris Woodcock (Clerk of the Course)

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