Car Cls Crew1 Penalty Total Cls
Class Class BRC1
18Class BRC1Joseph McGonigle/ Ciaran Geaney6:196:191226
1Class BRC1Matt Edwards/ Darren Garrod5:435:4333
Class Class BRC4
70Class BRC4Fraser Anderson/ Jack Bowen6:286:28635
43Class BRC4Kyle White/ Sean Topping6:246:24430
40Class BRC4Ruairi Bell/ Gareth Parry6:126:12121
Class Class C1
115Class C1Robert Tonge/ Alan Reid12:0012:001109
Class Class C2
110Class C2Nikki Addison/ Rachel Matheson8:418:411104
Class Class C3
99Class C3Martin Crombie / Ricky Finlayson 7:377:37788
75Class C3Ross Macdonald/ Keir Beaton7:207:20375
Class Class C4
97Class C4Fraser Jones/ Neil Thomson7:337:33185
Class Class C5
86Class C5John O'Kane/ Meghan O'Kane7:067:06271
Class Class M2
91Class M2Fraser Smith/ Steven Brown 7:277:27281
Class Class M6
100Class M6Rhuaridh Campbell/ Shaina Archibald7:427:42691
Class Class M7
111Class M7Jamie McIntyre/ Craig Wallace 6:576:57361
67Class M7Keith Robathan/ Phil Sandham6:446:44254
Class Class M8
76Class M8Jan Budge / Bruce Lindsay12:00Retired
119Class M8Orrin McDonnell/ Niall MacPhee8:248:247103
16Class M8Rory Young/ Allan Cathers Non Starter
33Class M8Niall Devine / Liam Mcintyre Non Starter
Class Class M9
29Class M9Richard Hill/ Callum Atkinson6:286:28233
94Class M9Paul Collins / Robert Wood Rolled
50Class M9William Hamilton Paterson/ Tom Hynd7:00Driveshaft
27Class M9Donnie Macdonald/ Andrew Falconer7:00Clutch
48Class M9Keith Morris/ Terry Mallin Retired
Class Class P1
26Class P1Charles Payne / Peredur Davies Mechanical
5Class P1David Bogie/ John Rowan Non Starter
Class Class SH2
108Class SH2Ian Milne/ Sandy Milne8:108:105100
68Class SH2Tom Coughtrie/ Ian Fraser7:267:26279
77Class SH2Richard Spink/ Nigel Hutchinson Non Starter

Times shown like this are notional or penalised

Stage 1
Durris 1
6.07 miles

These results became Final on Saturday 14th August 2021 at 19:15 BST and were signed by Graham Provest (Clerk of the Course)

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