Car Cls CrewTotal
Penalty Total Cls
Class A
30APaul Vibert/ Richard Amy58:36.058:36.0116
58AKevin Shales/ Steve Ahearne1:04:36.71:04:36.7233
53AJames Weaver/ Teresa Butler1:05:38.91:05:38.9335
60AEuan Dangerfield/ Samantha Dangerfield1:13:14.41:13:14.4446
Class B
25BJohn Eborall/ Alex Rosamond1:02:29.51:02:29.5127
48BAngus Torode/ Adam Creed 1:03:10.01:03:10.0231
62BTyler Collins/ Glenn Godfrey1:04:04.91:04:04.9332
49BNathan Nicolle/ Romany Stephens1:05:02.91:05:02.9434
65B Andy Smith/ James Phillips1:07:53.51:07:53.5545
Class C
7CJohn Le Brun/ Leah Lloyd54:52.754:52.714
28CSam Bingle/ Aaron Nicolle55:01.755:01.725
8CSteve Ellis/ Jamie Vaughan 55:16.555:16.537
16CMark Syvret/ Chris Fox57:43.357:43.3413
10CMark Follain/ Lee Dare57:44.557:44.5514
22CJames Labey / Ashley Trimble58:32.558:32.5615
37CRex Ireland/ Daniel Morefield 59:31.459:31.4718
39CNick Duquemin / Richard Le Marquand 1:00:11.81:00:11.8822
36CStephen Le Brun/ Matthew Le Brun 1:00:34.91:00:34.9924
59CDavid Huxley/ Ed Stone1:05:55.31:05:55.31037
50CNigel Greensall/ Connor Draper1:06:02.51:06:02.51138
45CAndy Slade/ Pete Bold1:06:35.61:06:35.61241
64CRyan Lewis/ Tom Bishop1:06:51.11:06:51.11342
Class D
2DRoss Le Noa/ Domonic Volante52:43.052:43.011
3DJeremy Baudains/ James Ollivro53:07.053:07.022
9DDave Oliveira/ Victor Nobrega55:14.155:14.136
12DRobert De St Paer/ Stephen Hobbs55:33.055:33.048
15DDan Corner/ Mark Regan55:41.155:41.159
70DDale Crowsley/ Steve Gully56:08.656:08.6610
6DRichard Fishleigh/ Jason Samuel McCullough 56:41.756:41.7711
43DTim Alderson/ Peter Villars59:49.659:49.6820
40DBruce Robinson/ Christina Holley1:00:12.61:00:12.6923
23DChris Cotillard/ Harrison Cotillard1:01:24.41:01:24.41025
38DGreg Kelly/ Ben Hague 1:06:29.51:06:29.51140
61DBrendan McLaughlin / Emma Falle1:07:41.11:07:41.11244
Class E
4ELee Vivian/ Will Rutherford53:50.753:50.713
20ELyndon Barton/ Simon Hunter59:42.159:42.1219
32EMichael Cotillard/ Wendy Geary1:02:02.61:02:02.6326
33EKeith Pinel/ Matthew Pinel1:02:41.91:02:41.9428
42EGeno Gouveia/ Jason Gouveia1:02:56.11:02:56.1530
54EDick Mauger / Craig Addlesee1:06:05.31:06:05.3639
Class FWD2
11FWD2Andy Corner/ Ade Campo57:02.457:02.4112
68FWD2Karl Robert / Karl Marshall59:03.259:03.2217
24FWD2Chris Torode/ Phil Ferbrache59:51.959:51.9321
52FWD2Ben Mason/ Sam Simon 1:02:42.31:02:42.3429
47FWD2Graham Roberts/ Stephen Spear1:05:50.41:05:50.4536
55FWD2Kevin Jeffray/ Michael Timms1:06:59.91:06:59.9643

Times shown like this are notional or penalised and numbers like this are the position on that Stage.

These results became Final on Saturday 9th October 2021 at 18:10 BST and were signed by Mark Quayle (Clerk of the Course)

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