Car Cls Crew123456 Penalty Total Cls
110David Bogie/ John Rowan6:264:547:286:104:417:1836:5711
210Jock Armstrong/ Cameron Fair6:265:007:387:105:258:2540:04811
310Garry Pearson/ Niall Burns6:254:537:366:144:497:2937:2622
410Freddie Milne/ Patrick Walsh6:275:07 Off road
510Stephen Petch/ Michael Wilkinson6:365:057:486:194:517:2938:0833
610Niall McCullagh/ Ryan McCloskey6:395:087:526:194:557:410:3039:0444
Car 6 Penalty details:- 0:30 for Chicane penalty
710Vivian Hamill/ Lorcan Moore6:345:037:4314:006:40 Mechanical
89Michael Binnie/ Claire Mole6:415:057:486:265:29 Mechanical
98Rory Young/ Allan Cathers6:495:278:10   Stopped in stage
1010Jason Mitchell/ Peter Ward6:285:187:38   Stopped in stage
1110Bruce McCombie/ Michael Coutts8:085:447:596:295:027:3941:01913
1210John Wink/ Neil Shanks6:445:158:046:335:037:4839:2756
148Niall Devine / Liam McIntyre 6:515:198:056:425:047:4739:4819
1510Ian Forgan/ Chris Lees7:185:147:586:344:577:3839:3978
169Keith Morris/ Terry Mallin      Off road
179Scott Macbeth/ Daniel Forsyth6:39     Off road
188Liam Regan/ David McElroy7:105:388:276:555:198:2241:51317
1910Joe Hegarty/ David Turkington      Retired before SS1
2010Martin Cairns/ Kenny Bustard6:505:137:596:394:587:4939:2867
218Stephen Dickson/ Patrick McCrudden7:035:318:22   Mechanical
229Scott Beattie/ Paula Swinscoe 6:475:178:056:335:037:3739:2215
235Shane McGirr / Darren Curren7:015:268:107:355:188:0641:36216
245Mark McCulloch / Michael Hendry6:535:228:086:465:138:0740:29112
2510Sean Devine/ Martin Forrest6:415:15    Off road
268Ian Dickson / Dean O Sullivan7:125:378:437:025:258:2342:22519
288Ian Baumgart/ Dave Robson6:565:218:196:595:178:1041:02214
2910John Rintoul/ Ross Hynd14:006:1710:156:575:228:1751:081255
309Scott McCombie/ Mark Fisher6:515:308:187:30  Transmission
319Angus Lawrie / Paul Gribben 6:435:188:106:385:118:0140:01210
323Eamonn Kelly/ Conor Mohan6:546:438:13Off road
338Paul Britton/ Damian Garvey7:035:1514:077:43  Mechanical
3410Robert Adamson/ Jane Nicol7:155:438:407:075:368:2642:471024
358Matt Calderwood/ Philip Sandham7:105:458:437:085:308:2042:36622
369John McClory/ David M.C. Hood      Non Starter
373Peter Stewart/ Kevin Rae7:055:328:266:505:238:1241:28115
389William H. Paterson/ Tom Hynd6:585:218:207:005:1117:0049:50452
399Kevin Crawford / Andrew Stevenson7:095:328:437:005:348:3542:33321
4011Stanley Orr/ Graham Henderson7:185:358:307:065:318:2742:27120
413Ewan Tindall/ Andrew Roughead7:045:458:286:577:46 Turbo
426Paul McErlean/ Niall Mckenna7:105:358:277:005:308:5542:37123
439Robert David Harkness/ Mike Curry7:095:298:196:475:19 Stopped in stage
4410Chris McGurk / Gary Byrne 7:506:029:127:255:578:5745:231129
458Duncan Campbell/ Michael Cruickshank7:075:338:286:595:308:2442:01418
465Steven Wood/ Mary Wood7:27     Gearbox
474Bobby Mitchell/ Craig Wallace7:305:438:487:18  Stopped in stage
4812Richard Spink/ Nigel Hutchinson7:296:019:047:175:579:0344:51127
494Paddy Munro/ Dave O'Brien8:48Stopped in stage
502Kevin Duggan/ Keith Bovaird10:456:089:247:386:0810:3250:35554
513Scott Sloan/ David Sloan      Non Starter
527Michael Renton/ John Shepheard 7:195:488:457:075:378:4243:18125
539Alexander Vassallo/ Ian Parker      Non Starter
545Jim Robertson/ Colin Maxwell 7:31     Mechanical
555Alister MacArthur/ Chris Robertson7:445:598:569:266:139:0947:27338
561Stephen Whitford / Phillip Morrow7:195:508:557:16  Mechanical
571Barry Meeke/ Jarlath Kelly7:346:229:037:21  Stopped in stage
588Graeme Sherry / Ewan Lees       Off in ditch
5910Stuart Irvine/ Marc Irvine7:27     Electrical
604Johnnie Mackay/ Emily Easton-Page7:415:599:217:456:1910:3547:40340
615Willie Pollock/ Helen Brown7:536:149:117:436:05 Stopped in stage
624Brian Ross / Jamie Mactavish7:375:588:597:215:408:5044:25126
6311David Dobson/ Graham Hepworth7:24     Retired on start line SS2
642Niall Cowan Jr/ Callum Shanks8:356:029:037:235:538:5245:48233
655Alistair Brearley/ Paul Barbet8:116:259:267:486:169:3347:39439
662Fraser Smith/ Steven Brown 7:456:169:227:275:498:5645:35130
672Scott Peacock/ Charlotte McDowall7:536:179:127:226:059:1946:08335
6811Andy Kelly/ Roy Campbell7:295:498:527:335:52 Stopped in stage
6912Tom Coughtrie/ Ian Fraser7:436:049:107:205:528:5845:07228
705Jim McDowall/ Jamie McDowall8:246:309:527:566:259:4448:51546
7111Dave Forrest/ Jamie Forrest7:386:069:117:366:029:0645:39232
723Richard Stewart/ George Myatt8:176:299:457:566:209:4648:33344
7312Duncan Ferguson/ Alexander Murphy7:326:109:187:426:089:2446:14336
7412Andy Johnson/ Jim McSherry7:486:039:147:446:069:1946:14437
757Mike Moates/ Michael Moates7:526:139:137:33  Stopped in stage
767Jan Budge/ Bruce Lindsay7:486:079:187:305:529:0245:37231
7712Donald Brooker/ Tony Booth8:166:399:578:036:289:4649:09649
7811George Bryson/ Jacqueline Bryson 8:146:239:548:146:3410:0349:22450
792Niall Cowan/ Chris Wareham7:526:279:427:536:249:4448:02442
804Jordan Anderson/ Clare Mackenzie7:406:109:207:286:099:1646:03234
811Marcel Freling/ Karen Robinson8:146:309:51   Stopped in stage
823Jack Cairns/ Martin Brady8:006:139:067:245:5610:440:3047:53241
Car 82 Penalty details:- 0:30 for Chicane penalty
8311Paul Rawson/ Paul Wild7:566:259:508:076:319:5648:45345
8412Ernie Lee / Patricia Lee8:036:259:488:026:209:4348:21543
855Rhuaridh Campbell/ Shaina Archibald8:076:349:498:036:399:4648:58648
863Ashleigh Morris/ Martin Haggett8:136:399:588:146:3510:0349:42451
872Bryan Gourlay / Scott Gourlay 8:506:4210:198:356:5210:080:3051:56656
Car 87 Penalty details:- 0:30 for Chicane penalty
882Martyn Erskine/ Mark Burgess9:387:0410:368:186:4812:4455:08759
892Jonathan Hodgson/ Gary Baker9:047:1610:418:417:04 Stopped in stage
909Ron Horne/ Steven Kerschat8:206:289:458:126:3016:540:3056:39660
Car 90 Penalty details:- 0:30 for Chicane penalty
919Kevin Downes/ Richard Wardle8:166:389:548:28  Stopped in stage
9212Ian Milne/ Dawn Milne8:437:1110:478:567:3011:0754:14758
935Tommy Heard/ Greg McCutcheon8:297:1010:278:227:0810:4252:18757
949Aileen Forrest/ John Forrest8:296:4510:018:196:4210:1650:32553
958Orrin McDonnell/ Niall MacPhee      Non Starter
962Kevin Maguire/ Karen MacLeod9:017:0110:178:19  Stopped in stage
972Meghan Okane/ John Okane      Non Starter
987Cameron Black/ John Jack8:046:329:548:026:349:5148:57347

Times shown like this are notional or penalised

Stage 1
Cairn Edward 1
6.75 miles
Stage 2
Fleet 1
5.45 miles
Stage 3
Dunharberry 1
7.90 miles
Stage 4
Cairn Edward 2
6.75 miles
Stage 5
Fleet 2
5.45 miles
Stage 6
Dunharberry 2
7.90 miles

These results became Final on Saturday 11th September 2021 at 18:45 BST and were signed by Michael Riddick (Clerk of the Course)

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