Car Cls Crew12 Penalty Total Cls
Class E6
29E6Jeff Sharp/ Mark Skellern14:307:1321:431648
23E6Mark Michael Standen/ Dave Aincham5:195:1110:30615
38E6Robert Haslett/ Peter Haslett5:134:520:1010:15210
Car 38 Penalty details:- 0:10 for HC - Test 1
34E6James durkin/ Pete Phennah 5:074:419:4814
33E6Matthew Hewlett/ Callum Briggs  Gearbox
26E6Kevin Stones/ Chris Holden  Non Starter
32E6Joe Mallinson / Jason Metcalfe  Non Starter
30E6Steffan Evans/ TBC  Non Starter
Class H1
45H1Paul Slingsby/ Michael Fox14:305:5120:21153
Class H2
6H2Andy Beaumont/ Andrew Fish5:215:000:2010:41652
Car 6 Penalty details:- 0:20 for HC x 2 - Test 1
44H2kurt hodgson/ Matt Halhead  Non Starter
Class H3
20H3Chris Valentine/ Chris Thorley  Non Starter
Class H4
47H4Brian Bradley/ Michael Marsland5:545:5411:48338
Class N7
61N7Daniel s white/ Bradley Hodgson14:3011:400:1026:201451
Car 61 Penalty details:- 0:10 for FL - Test 2
59N7Dave Sharp/ Alfie Sharp14:3011:400:1026:201350
Car 59 Penalty details:- 0:10 for FL - Test 2
39N7Robin Pitts/ Gareth Henry 5:026:490:2012:111041
Car 39 Penalty details:- 0:10 for HC - Test 1
0:10 for HC - Test 2
49N7Andrew grimstone / Tba  Non Starter
58N7Robert Basham/ Lewis Nicholson  Non Starter

Times shown like this are notional or penalised

Test 1
Bale Hill 1
Test 2
Toddygill 1

These results became Final on Saturday 23rd October 2021 at 21:20 BST and were signed by Martyn Taylor (Clerk of the Course)

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