Car Cls CrewTotal
Total Cls
1M5Andy Davies/ Max Freeman46:3146:3111
2H2Matt Warren/ Iain Tullie51:2351:2327
3M5Richard Hemingway / Sam Collis53:3953:39720
4M5Danny Cowell/ Phil Boyle51:0951:0945
5M5Louis Baines/ Gary Evans47:1647:1622
6H2Andy Beaumont/ Andrew Fish12:57 Retired
7M5Rob Cotton/ Chris Williams57:1457:14927
8H2John Haygarth/ Robert Hargreaves51:1651:1616
9M5Tom Hick/ Sam Spencer51:5051:50510
10M5Tony Harrison/ Phil Savage57:5657:561030
11M5Clint Eade / Tom Murphy52:2352:23615
12M5Tom Wilcox/ Paul Allen50:1050:1034
13M5Simon Jennings/ Colin Fish54:1054:10821
14M5Quentin James/ Thomas Howe1:07:291:07:291139
15H4Alex Willan/ Glenn Fothergill51:2451:2418
16H3Martin Oglesby/ John Parker55:5455:54224
17H2Pete James Tyson/ Neil Harrison55:0755:07322
18H2Andrew Johnson/ Dave Boyes56:4456:44426
19H4Rod Hanson/ Clare Grove57:4357:43228
20H3Chris Valentine/ Chris Thorley Non Starter
21E6Neil Raven/ Claire Raven52:0652:06412
22E6Peter Scott/ Tony Brooks52:1052:10513
23E6Mark Michael Standen/ Dave Aincham53:26 Gearbox
24E6Paul Redford/ Darren Roberts55:5755:57625
25E6Steve Mitchell/ Ian Mitchell58:0058:00831
26E6Kevin Stones/ Chris Holden Non Starter
27E6Geoffrey Bateman/ Maggy Bateman58:1858:18932
28E6Chris Dodds/ Lynsey Procter51:5151:51311
29E6Jeff Sharp/ Mark Skellern37:26 Retired
30E6Steffan Evans/ TBC0:10 Non Starter
31E6Steve Flynn/ Barry Allman1:08:471:08:471140
32E6Joe Mallinson / Jason Metcalfe Non Starter
33E6Matthew Hewlett/ Callum Briggs Gearbox
34E6James durkin/ Pete Phennah 52:55557:55729
35E6Tom Grice/ Jamie Edwards1:01:491:01:491036
36E6Pete Jagger/ Jonathan Dyson1:16:081:16:081343
37E6Daniel Place/ Ryan Parker51:4751:4729
38E6Robert Haslett/ Peter Haslett24:39 Retired
39N7Robin Pitts/ Gareth Henry 59:45 Retired
40N7Dessie Martin/ Keith Hall53:0953:09317
41N7Ian Howard/ Richard McFaul53:2253:22418
42E6Christian Parker/ Dave Edwards49:1649:1613
43H3John Livermore/ Paul Mount53:2553:25119
44H2kurt hodgson/ Matt Halhead Non Starter
45H1Paul Slingsby/ Michael Fox23:18 Engine expired
46H2Joseph Hardy/ Adam Blacker1:04:411:04:41538
47H4Brian Bradley/ Michael Marsland28:26 No Brakes and no CV joint
48N7Roger Burkill / Adam Burkill58:5558:55633
49N7Andrew grimstone / Tba Non Starter
50N7Ryan robinson/ Martin quilliam52:2352:23114
51N7Mark Basham/ Richard Stones1:15:081:15:081042
52N7David o’connor / Stuart Davis 1:02:231:02:23937
53N7Jeremy Dale/ Katrina Dale1:00:431:00:43835
54N7William Joe Waters/ Nigel William Waters1:33:261:33:261245
56E6chris hewlett/ Peter Messer1:09:241:09:241241
57N7Richard Craig/ Adam Griffin55:1555:15523
58N7Robert Basham/ Lewis Nicholson Non Starter
59N7Dave Sharp/ Alfie Sharp56:23 Retired
60N7Connor Stephenson/ Adam Taylor52:3652:36216
61N7Daniel s white/ Bradley Hodgson1:26:071:26:071144
62N7mark rayment/ martin cockerill59:5359:53734

Times shown like this are notional or penalised and numbers like this are the position on that Test.

These results became Final on Saturday 23rd October 2021 at 21:20 BST and were signed by Martyn Taylor (Clerk of the Course)

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