Car Cls Crew Penalty Total Cls
Class 1
31Chris Bayliss/ Benjamin Matthew Farmer12
771Reece Mathieson/ Sean Mathieson224
Class 10
810Ryan Cooke/ Darren Cooke14
1810Johnnie Drysdale/ Tony Rae28
14710Stuart Winter/ Joshua Winter331
Class 11
8411Peter Widdop/ James Bolland126
12411Gareth Carruthers/ Sharon Scott230
18111Dafydd Roberts/ Sam Roberts333
34511Martin Robinson/ Denny Harris442
41611William George Flittner/ Ross James Dillon547
Class 2
2002Christopher Ratter/ Catriona Entwistle136
2472Phil Griffiths/ Neil Watterson237
3212Peter Clarke/ Josh Sansom341
3892Ian Sykes/ Jamie McGlashan444
4352Richard Wynne-Williams/ Matthew Lowe558
282John Hardy/ Paul Brimblecombe1:001:00661
Car 28 Penalty details:- 1:00 for 1:00 late at MTC 0
Class 3
133Edd Cobley/ Aston Cox16
253John Pickering/ Ian Letman29
543Pat Masters/ Becky Masters318
1073Chris Bowler/ David Bowler429
3863Henry Webster/ Emrys Kirby543
3913Christopher Brennan/ Jack Ferryman645
4443Ashley Bartlett/ Niall Banyard759
Class 5
315Matthew Hall/ Anette Fjeld110
385Mark Walker/ Julie Wilkes211
395Jeremy (Jerry) Allen/ Tim Wood312
Class 6
606Paul Rowlands/ Neil Lloyd119
4456Ian Gregg/ Adam Evans260
Class 663
423663Jamie Thwaites/ Chris Cuming150
424663David Beecroft/ Fraser Parish251
425663Miles Williams/ Paul Chambers352
426663Frazer Williams/ Mark Acher453
428663Gary Bulley/ Chris French554
429663Gareth Bent/ Paul Hulston655
432663Jason Seddon/ John Tomley756
434663David Green/ Daniel Green857
Class 7
427Adrian Longstaff/ Oliver Southorn114
627Harry Nicoll/ Kieran Jones220
737Mark Allard/ Daniel Jones322
787Dale Gilbertson/ Peter Gilbertson425
907Scott Benwell/ Griffin Tweedale527
1747Andrew West/ James West632
2807Michael Kerfoot/ Lee Karkoszka739
2817Philip Kerfoot/ Matthew Green840
Class 8
18Justin Birchall/ Kevin Clark11
178Alex Holford/ Gwen Adair27
718Richard Kershaw/ Mason Kershaw321
958Thomas Paulton/ Phillip Gillespie428
1888Toby Jefferson/ Karl Gudgeon534
2658Jason Rowlands/ Dan Evans638
Class 9
419Alex Day/ Nick Beadle113
539Brett Hewitt/ Robert Christmas217
1949Jordan Oldbury/ Ian Roberts335
4159Benjamin Wettern/ George Pollard446

Times shown like this are notional or penalised and numbers like this are the position on that Stage.

These results became Final on Sunday 29th May 2022 at 17:40 BST and were signed by Jon Aston (Clerk of the Course)

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