West Cumbria Motorsport Club - P&R Benn Greystoke Stages 2012

Final Stage Times in Starting Order to SS1A

Car Cls Crew Penalty Total Cls
15Michael Glendinning/ Josh DavisonNon Starter
25Ian Joel/ Graeme Wood11
35Mr Richard Cook/ Mr Edwin Cook22
45Mark I'Anson/ Ron Roughead33
55Gary Tomlinson/ Kim Baker44
64Matthew Robinson/ Nigel Hutchinson15
73Charlie Taylor/ Steve Bielby16
84Phil Burton/ Tom Woodburn27
95Pip Simpson/ R Metcalfe58
103Darren Moon/ Mark Fisher29
114Geoff Wilson/ Alex Benn310
123Andrew Wheatley/ Glenn Patterson311
145Keith Richardson / Jackie Richardson612
153Rob Barrett/ Dave Hammond413
164David Dobson/ Graham Hepworth414
173Gary Beckwith/ Kirsty Beckwith515
183Chris White/ Chris Dewsnap616
192David Taylor/ Lynsey Brench117
203Craig Cleaver/ Alistair Wilk718
215Thomas Heard/ Dave Robson719
221Graham Gaskell/ Heather Grisedale120
234Thomas Stephenson/ Marc Crack521
242Darren Grimston/ Richard Ross222
255Darren Martin/ Martin Steele823
265Neil Raven/ Ann Forster924
275Michael Dwan/ Jane Clarke1025
285Kristien Esser/ Chris Tidey1126
291Andy Forrest/ Frances Rush227
302William Midgley/ Jonathan DriverNon Starter
315Jan Paul Budge/ Dean Curtis1228
322Bernard Nolan/ Kari Bosworth329
332Steve Head/ Mitch McGrath430
345Tony Thompson/ Paul Hudson1331
355Ian Hopkinson/ Ben Hopkinson1432
361Gary Smith/ Mark Roberts333
372Alexander Curran/ David McGeoch534
382Darren Rutter/ Stephen Hartley635
395Michael Umbrich/ Marion SteadBiggest idiot in the world - Shell V Boost Diesel does not go in Mistubishis
401Stuart Cariss/ Linda Cariss436
414Graeme Powell/ Nick Middleton637
423Neil Prior/ Glynn Hayward838
432Andy Reid/ Alex Reid739
441Matthew Gibson/ Chris Paskin540
454Mark Wiltshire/ Adam Dunn741
461David Coleman/ Kyle Gass642
471Andrew Irving / Reg Irving 743
481Sam Steel/ Kerryl Carter844
491Russ Smith/ Richard Duddell945
502Andrew Robinson/ Colin Stockil846
513Gary Parker/ Lynn Parker947
525John Mark Hardy/ Graham Reader1548
533Marcus Noble/ Helen Hall1049
542Clive Alcock/ Steven Brown950
555Stephen Petch/ Ian Windress1651
565Lee Hastings/ Brian Findon1752
573Steve Bannister/ Louise Sutherland1153

Times shown like this are notional or penalised

These results became Final on Sunday 8th July 2012 at 5:08pm BST