Matlock Motor Club - Kick Energy Rally of Derbyshire 2015

Final Penalties in Position Order with Positions to MC2 OUT - Second Half

Car Cls CrewTotal
First Half
Total Cls
1MCarl Hawkins/ Iain Tullie6:486:4811
11ECraig Burgess/ John Pickavance9:169:1612
8MJohn Leckie/ Sion Matthews9:269:2623
12EGary Rodgers/ Carl Williamson9:379:3724
17ESam Self/ Andrew Hughes10:0310:0335
15EStan Featherstone/ Sam Spencer10:3610:3646
5MAdrian Green/ Ian Gibbins11:0611:0637
10MMartin Self/ Matthew Vokes11:1511:1548
6MMartin Betts/ Catherine Woodman11:4311:4359
14EMark Turner/ Richard Pashley12:4512:45510
16EDave Quinney/ Gary Evans12:5312:53611
9MJim Brown/ Paul Holmberg13:3113:31612
18EPaul Rowland/ Paul Taylor15:1115:11713
21ERichard Oxley/ Andrew Lowe16:0716:07814
32SEBevan Blacker / Nial Frost 17:1017:10115
4ERichard Hunter/ Sasha Heriot17:4917:49916
27SEPaul Reaney/ Richard Johnson19:0419:04217
26SEAllan Storer/ Tom Fenton20:1520:15318
29SENigel Graham/ Daniel Pidgeon26:5226:52419
43NMatthew Mark Carr/ Ashley Young27:4627:46120
19EJames Newbould/ Lizzie Pope44:4144:411021
37NStephen Croucher/ Rob Granger1:05:181:05:18222
31SEEdward Wain/ Noel Murphy1:15:571:15:57523
40NPaul Smith/ Mark Fletcher1:31:221:31:22324
41NMichael Pedley/ Ciara Pedley3:33:243:33:24425
42NDavid Pedley/ Grace Pedley3:35:073:35:07526
44NSam Hinchley/ Ben Bakel4:03:194:03:19627
39NDennis Cooke/ Dan Tribe4:43:074:43:07728

Times shown like this are notional or penalised and numbers in orange are the position on that Test.

These results became Final on Sunday 19th April 2015 at 7:00am BST