Car Cls Crew123 Penalty Total Cls
25Steve Finch/ Sam Fordham7:587:436:5222:3311
115Scott Renshaw / Emma Morrison7:587:436:5522:3622
95Dave Hornbrook/ Ann Forster8:017:437:0022:4433
45David Longfellow/ Daniel Ward8:037:437:0022:4644
54Stephen Booth/ Catherine Booth8:077:437:0422:5415
155Darrell Taylor/ Stephen McNulty8:167:436:5822:5756
65Steve Pawson/ Graham Wride8:157:437:0723:0567
104Oliver Davies/ Ben Innes8:217:437:0723:1128
643Gareth Bevan/ Gareth James8:037:557:1523:1319
75Martin Farrar/ Andy Ward8:227:437:0923:14710
302Matt Wood/ Daniel Petrie8:087:577:1623:21111
205Ryan Mone / Freddy Hewitt8:187:537:1023:21812
125Martin Pavier/ Matthew Pavier8:217:437:1923:23913
223Craig Stevens/ Stephen Moyses8:037:477:3723:27214
243Rob Brook/ Cat Lund8:118:017:1523:27315
183John Stevens/ David Simmons8:148:017:1423:29416
35David Campling/ James Ducker8:177:437:040:3023:341017
Car 3 Penalty details:- 0:30 for Shortcutting SS1
145Craig Renshaw/ Steven Renshaw 8:287:437:2623:371118
253Paul Rees/ Paul Briggs8:168:017:2223:39519
262Alex Cannon/ Alan Carfrae8:148:097:1823:41220
195Jonathan Lightbody/ Matt Sample8:367:577:0923:421221
235Nigel Wetton/ Louise Wetton8:268:057:2123:521322
165Tony Clements/ Jim Bowie8:188:167:2123:551423
281Steve Black/ Sophie Black8:278:107:1823:55124
293Ross Wey/ Conor Wey8:258:177:1423:56625
375Rob Fisher/ Adam Lawrence8:278:147:2224:031526
364Clive Hitchman/ Jeremy Griffiths8:368:107:1924:05327
384Peter Outram/ Mick Munday8:288:147:2624:08428
345Pete Barnett/ Jim O'Kelleher8:308:147:2624:101629
273James Gratton Smith / Matt Bown8:288:217:3124:20730
213Gareth Hooper / Lewis Hooper 8:398:177:2924:25831
173Andy Davison/ Tom Murphy8:498:117:2824:28932
312Connor Tolson/ Dylan Thomas8:508:177:3224:39333
433Robert Clark/ Brett Griffin8:448:307:3724:511034
353Dave Baines / David Wood9:068:237:3525:041135
401Paddy Homan/ Tom Homan8:368:238:0925:08236
424Steve Massey/ Neil Thomson8:528:367:4225:10537
541David Smalley/ Will Brown8:548:357:4425:13338
442Andy Evans/ Nikhil Evans8:598:337:5025:22439
471Matt Endean/ Suze Endean8:518:457:4725:23440
723David Huxley/ Ed Stone8:518:318:0525:271241
462Tony Michael/ Paul Barrett9:008:437:5825:41542
503Dave Leadbetter/ Cath Woodman9:178:588:0126:161343
621Brett Murray/ Andrew Murray9:348:558:0526:34544
452Ian Dove/ John Dove8:388:259:4026:43645
522Steve Casey/ Sam Casey9:319:118:1226:54746
632Tony Cawthorne/ Paul Barbet9:309:138:2027:03847
601Laura Christmas/ Duncan Christmas9:309:228:2627:18648
661Nicola Boocock / Graham Wild9:349:258:2627:25749
610Ian Bass/ Andy Walshaw9:509:248:3927:53150
705Daniel Hedges / Michael Hurley 10:049:478:5028:411751
15Kevin Procter/ Patrick Walsh14:357:436:4329:011852
594Bill Douglas/ Dave Barratt9:5610:139:0829:17653
670Lee Wilson/ Alex Mill10:3110:008:5529:26254
650Marina Miller/ Geoff Moss10:3410:049:2230:00355
695Matthew Duncan/ John-Paul Boom10:3510:179:1930:111956
512James Orton/ William Orton14:358:247:3030:29957
562Alan Jackson/ Ian Faulkner8:458:2313:3030:381058
493David Large/ Wayne Larbalestier12:519:158:4230:481459
481Neil Andrew/ James Chatfield9:058:5713:3031:32860
571Adi Collins/ Jon Hudson14:358:598:0131:35961
685Keith Harvey/ Benjamin Shackleton 10:4310:2810:4031:512062
413Mark Wade/ Gordon Downie14:359:079:5533:371563
715Barry Connolly/ Philip Cook10:159:5913:3033:442164

Times shown like this are notional or penalised

Stage 1
6.80 miles
Stage 2
6.80 miles
Stage 3
6.30 miles

These results became Final on Sunday 13th June 2021 at 17:00 BST and were signed by Andy Smith (Clerk of the Course)

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