Car Cls Crew1234567 Penalty Total Cls
Class 1
731James Thomson/ Sean Douglas11:0110:1611:2911:0812:0411:3516:00Missfire
901Kenny Watt/ Ella Tyson        Retired
Class 2
542Chris Marlow/ Dave Shepherd11:4311:3612:5612:4713:5718:38 Wrong Direction of Merge
642Mark Livesey/ Graham Brown11:2410:4612:0611:5412:50  Retired
172Barry Lindsay/ Caroline Lodge9:199:0110:0610:0310:28  Mechanical Problem
552Drew Struthers/ Fiona Moir10:4810:2612:0213:2313:09  Driver illness
712Robbie McTaggart/ Keith McTaggart10:0930:0017:32    Electrical failure
562Kenny Moore/ Ewan Lees10:4915:56     Hit rock/burst radiator
792Kevin Maguire/ Karen MacLeod11:3215:56     Mechanical Failure
742George Clarke/ David Vardy11:2612:51     Driveshaft
Class 3
413Andrew Hutchinson/ Joe Hutchinson9:339:2110:4710:3911:10  Snapped CV Joint
433Michael Harbour/ Ian Macdougall9:098:489:569:5610:18  Alternator
723Alister Watson/ Stuart McBride10:119:3610:5117:32   Retired
603Keith Hall/ Katy Mashiter12:36      Snapped shaft
513Pat Johnson/ Sam Spencer       Mechanical Failure
503John Nicolson/ Kari Bates       Driver Unwell
Class 4
344Andrew Bird/ Grum Willcock9:108:5510:109:5418:38  Broke
524Geoff Dean/ Tom Spencer10:129:5010:4610:3811:24  Noisy Diff
144Greg Inglis/ Ian Parker15:569:009:459:15   Retired
674Bill Cook/ Rob Thompson10:339:5210:5510:47   Slid off and broke steering
304Dave Thwaites/ Tony Edwards9:46      Retired
Class 5
365Peter Gibson/ Chris Dodds9:108:5810:079:5310:3610:46 Gearbox
105David Henderson/ Peredur Davies8:2311:1211:0010:21   Retired
35Simon Bowen/ Craig Simkiss 8:318:139:229:11   Retired
275Drew Gallagher/ David Crosbie9:279:04     Differential
45John Marshall/ Chris Williams9:0115:56     Retired
375Jim Sharp/ Craig Wallace15:56      Something not right
705Mark Blenkinsop/ Adam Blenkinsop10:07      Piston Failure

Times shown like this are notional or penalised

Stage 1
Pinsent Way 1
7.97 miles
Stage 2
Pinsent Way 2
7.97 miles
Stage 3
Kiln Hill 1
8.77 miles
Stage 4
Toddygill 2
8.77 miles
Stage 5
Bale Hill 1
9.32 miles
Stage 6
Bale Hill 2
9.32 miles
Stage 7
Hazel Rigg 1
8.00 miles

These results became Final on Sunday 29th August 2021 at 18:05 BST and were signed by Miles Whitlock (Clerk of the Course)

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