Car Cls Crew1 Penalty Total Cls
Class 1
811Marcel Freling/ Karen Robinson8:148:14368
571Barry Meeke/ Jarlath Kelly7:347:34244
561Stephen Whitford / Phillip Morrow7:197:19138
Class 10
2510Sean Devine/ Martin Forrest6:416:41810
710Vivian Hamill/ Lorcan Moore6:346:3455
1010Jason Mitchell/ Peter Ward6:286:2844
410Freddie Milne/ Patrick Walsh Off road
5910Stuart Irvine/ Marc Irvine7:27Electrical
1910Joe Hegarty/ David Turkington Retired before SS1
Class 11
6811Andy Kelly/ Roy Campbell7:297:29341
6311David Dobson/ Graham Hepworth7:247:24239
Class 2
892Jonathan Hodgson/ Gary Baker9:049:04780
962Kevin Maguire/ Karen MacLeod9:019:01679
972Meghan Okane/ John Okane Non Starter
Class 3
413Ewan Tindall/ Andrew Roughead7:047:04225
323Eamonn Kelly/ Conor Mohan6:546:54119
513Scott Sloan/ David Sloan Non Starter
Class 4
474Bobby Mitchell/ Craig Wallace7:307:30142
494Paddy Munro/ Dave O'Brien Stopped in stage
Class 5
615Willie Pollock/ Helen Brown7:537:53457
545Jim Robertson/ Colin Maxwell 7:31Mechanical
465Steven Wood/ Mary Wood7:27Gearbox
Class 7
757Mike Moates/ Michael Moates7:527:52355
Class 8
338Paul Britton/ Damian Garvey7:037:03524
218Stephen Dickson/ Patrick McCrudden7:037:03423
98Rory Young/ Allan Cathers6:496:49114
588Graeme Sherry / Ewan Lees  Off in ditch
958Orrin McDonnell/ Niall MacPhee Non Starter
Class 9
919Kevin Downes/ Richard Wardle8:168:16970
439Robert David Harkness/ Mike Curry7:097:09829
309Scott McCombie/ Mark Fisher6:516:51517
89Michael Binnie/ Claire Mole6:416:4129
179Scott Macbeth/ Daniel Forsyth6:396:3918
169Keith Morris/ Terry Mallin Off road
369John McClory/ David M.C. Hood Non Starter
539Alexander Vassallo/ Ian Parker Non Starter

Times shown like this are notional or penalised

Stage 1
Cairn Edward 1
6.75 miles

These results became Final on Saturday 11th September 2021 at 18:45 BST and were signed by Michael Riddick (Clerk of the Course)

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